• What is an iPhone app and why do I need one?

    Official sources define a mobile app as an application (software), designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, with a purpose to provide usefulness or entertainment to users. Apps are downloaded from app stores like the Apple App Store or Google Play for free or at a price. Why do I need one? Apps are already transforming the way businesses, educational institutions, medical institutions, etc., attain new clients, engage with their audiences, share information, create awareness, teach, shift perceptions, etc., etc., etc. Here is where we ‘wow’ you with some statistics: 87% of the world population owns a mobile phone, 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps, US smartphone owners now outnumber basic phones users, more than 40 billion iOS and Android apps downloaded by April 2012, mobile internet use is to surpass desktop internet use by 2014, 95% of smartphone users seek local information and as a result 77% of them contact a business, while 44% make a purchase… you get the picture.

  • What is AppBaker?

    AppBaker is a self-service, web-based platform for creating customized, cross-platform apps (iOS, Android and HTML5) easily and at low cost, without typing a line of code. It allows agencies and traditional web developers to create a mobile app that includes news, audio, video, photos and other content, and manage it online from the AppBaker content management system or feed it with data and content from an existing CMS via its unique XML based API.

  • Do I have to credit AppBaker for the App? Is the AppBaker logo visible anywhere within my Apps?

    Absolutely not. We do not require you to mention AppBaker anywhere or tell your customers about us. Same way you don't have to give credit to Photoshop for every design you make :) Feel free to get all the credit for the cool apps you will develop using AppBaker!

  • Can I build an app in Windows or do I need a Mac?

    You don't need a Mac to create or manage your app. You can use AppBaker to build iOS, Android or HTML5 apps on Windows or Mac OS X. It's all browser based so you don't need to download or install anything. However you will need a Mac in order to submit your app to the Apple App Store. If you do not have access to a Mac then we can submit the app for you under your own Apple Developer Account, for a fee.

  • Can I use my custom artwork in my App?

    Yes, you can use your own app icon, splash screen, background, fonts, colors, tab icons, etc…

  • Can I build an offline app (no internet connection required) with AppBaker?

    Most definitely! AppBaker supports optionally bundling your content with the submitted App so that users won't need an internet connection when they use the app.

  • Can I build paid apps with AppBaker?

    Yes of course! You can set the price of the app when you submit it to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • How can I see and test my app on the iPhone prior to submitting it to App Store?

    Sure a simulator is great but actually showing off your app in your hand is way cooler. AppBaker makes testing super easy! Simply download the AppBaker player from the App Store and check out your app before you submit for approval. You can also invite your colleagues and customers to download and see the app.

  • What exactly are Starter Packs?

    Starter Packs are pre-packaged solutions, aiming to make app building for a specific industry, easier and faster. Each Starter Pack includes all the features needed for an app of a specific industry to have. The purpose of that is to make it as easy as possible to create your app, while making sure you didn’t leave any important features behind. Starter Packs are an ideal solution for agencies or developers who have a lot of clients within the same industry, companies that want to create their own app internally, or developers who are new to app building but want to create their client’s app fast and inexpensively, without compromising its quality or having to learn app baking from scratch.

  • What if my industry of interest is not included in existing Starter Packs

    AppBaker keeps adding Starter Packs all the time. However if the industry you are interested in cannot be serviced by using one of the existing Starter Packs, you can go the your regular AppBaker Builder and mix & match the available modules until all the functionalities you want are included in your app. We are open to adding new Starter Packs created by AppBaker users. So if you have an idea for your own Starter Pack and know which features an industry app needs, then contact us to talk about adding your Starter Pack on AppBaker for public or your own private use.

  • Is there a cost if I have to resubmit to App Store?

    AppBaker charges 150 EURO for each resubmission request. This covers manual work by us to review and test your app on a real device, ensuring your app functions as expected. 

  • Can I submit the app under my own Apple Developer Account?

    Yes, in fact you have to! You or your customer are required to open an Apple Developer Account (currently $99/year) and undertake the submission process. See below for more information....

  • How do I submit my app to the App Store?

    You will need to open an Apple Developer Account and have a Mac with Xcode installed. Once you build your app in AppBaker and are ready to submit, we will send you an .ipa file and step by step instructions of how to submit your App to Apple for review. If you can't provide the above please let us know and we can discuss alternative options like submitting the app on your behalf (for a fee).

  • How long does it take to get my App on the App Store?

    AppBaker does a complementary review of your app prior to submitting it to App Store. We aim to complete the review cycle within 72 hours and send you the ipa file which you submit to the App Store. Once this happens it may take several days for Apple to review you app and approve but usually around a week (7 days).

  • Do I need to submit my app to App Store each time I make a change?

    In most cases… no :) Content changes such as updates to RSS feeds, photos, videos, and text  are usually updated automatically  without the need to resubmit to the AppStore. Bundled content, new tabs (first-level screens)  and styling changes will require re-submission. Also, AppBaker Builder is regularly upgraded to offer new features and functionality; incorporating  new features into your app that were not embedded in the compiled version of your app at the time of submission to App Store, will require re-submitting your app.

  • How much does AppBaker cost?

    AppBaker is available at an affordable monthly fee. Check the ‘Pricing’ and ‘Starter Packs’ sections for more information.

    If you have a number of customers and would prefer a flat one-time fee instead of paying monthly please ask for our multi-app pricing scheme.

    There are no additional costs for extra usage or number of downloads for any of our pricing options! We don’t believe in hidden fees.

  • Why is there a monthly cost?

    AppBaker is a SAAS (software as a service) that allows continuous and regular updates and upgrades to the platform with new features without interrupting the service to the user. You are not required to pay a lump sum for a software license fee when you sign up. The monthly cost ("service fee") covers software license fees and hosting of your App. AppBaker keeps your App configuration and more importantly it's data (this is where your App will be fed from) and offers continuous access through an on-line service from where you can manage your content and make changes to your App.

  • Is there a time commitment?

    No there is no time commitment. You can cancel your subscription any time. However please check our Refund Policy.

  • If my app gets really big, does this affect the cost?

    NO! Our pricing does not depend on the number of downloads or extra usage.


  • Do you offer volume discounts?

    If you are a designer agency or a professional that wants to build a number of apps, you can enroll to our Affiliate program that offers discounts and other benefits. For more information please send us an e-mail at affiliates@appbaker.com.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, anytime. Simply remove your credit card from file (under billing) and delete any paid apps you have created.

  • What happens to my app if I cancel my subscription?

    The app will stop receiving content. If this is an off-line app (content is bundled in the app and does not require a connection) then effectively you only loose the ability to make changes to the app.  A backup of your data and app configuration is kept by us  for a grace period of 30-days prior to it being permanently deleted. 

  • What happens if my app is rejected from AppStore?

    We do not provide any guarantees that your apps will be approved, however our code has passed approval a number of times and is known not to contain any issues or calls to private APIs. Nevertheless, your app could be rejected for any reason including lack of functionality or content related issues. In such a case you will need to make amends and resubmit. 

  • Do I get a refund if the app is rejected or if I cancel my subscription?

    Have a look at our Refund Policy for details, however to save you the trouble we don’t offer any refunds. If your app is rejected just make it better and submit it again.

  • What is AppBaker’s Privacy Policy?

    You can access AppBaker’s Privacy Policy at http://appbaker.com/en/privacy-policy/.

  • What are AppBaker’s Terms and Conditions of Service?

    You can access AppBaker’s Terms and Conditions at http://appbaker.com/en/terms-conditions/.

  • Who is behind AppBaker?

    SNQ Digital! SNQ Digital, with its popular CMS software NQcontent, is a 13-year old CMS vendor and one of the leaders and pioneers in traditional Web Content Management Systems. SNQ Digital has extensive expertise in developing web applications and websites with more than 300 customers worldwide. AppBaker, the only service of its kind that is run by a Web Content Management vendor, benefits from this experience and expertise and brings to you a full featured, true Content Management System for mobile apps.