All the functionalities you'll ever need an app to have

RSS feeds

The simplest way to show remote content in your App. The RSS feeds module is a very useful tool to fully utilize existing content posted on your website, blog or another online space. Also check out the CMS Connector module for an even more powerful way to show content from your existing CMS.


Create video albums by uploading your video files or by linking to a YouTube account or playlist. All you need to do is provide your YouTube playlist URL or YouTube account name. Videos can be added as sub-screens to a variety of other screens (see Folder Screens) to incorporate relevant videos in news articles, product pages, event speaker’s bios etc.


Upload your own audio files or link to external audio files, your streaming URL or podcast feed. Have app users listen to your podcast show, radio station, audio interviews, tutorials, songs, audio ads, your mom’s latest voicemail message, etc.


Build photo albums by uploading your photos or by linking to external sources like Flickr. Photo albums can be related to your products, services, offices, an event, your cat or anything else you can take a snap of. AppBaker takes care of displaying your photos in a grid, swipe to browse through your photos and pitch to zoom in and out.


Folder Screens

Folder screens are screens that contain other screens. They provide the most flexible way of organizing your content and creating your App’s navigation structure. If you wanted, for example to provide the user with the option to tap on News then Sports and then Europe, the fist two (News and Sports) would be folder screens and Europe would be an RSS or XML feed containing European Sports News. See XML API for a dynamic way to create folder screens.

CMS Connector (XML API)

Use XML feeds to bring remote data in and publish an unlimited number of drill-down screens. This is a an extension of the RSS specification with special tags that AppBaker uses to convert your XML feed into fully styled screens. Pass on data as well as formatting parameters to create and handle how your app behaves through your own CMS.

HTML5 Screens (externally hosted content)

Publish externally hosted pages mobile-friendly pages, or build your own HTML5 custom components. All you need to do is provide the url where your content or module is hosted.


Built-in CMS

If you do not have an existing CMS or are simply looking for a convenient way to manage your App Content, then you can use the built-in CMS that lets you create an unlimited number of screens (see Folder Screens) and edit your content using the built-in WYSIWYG (Rich Text) Editor.


Social networks

Embed mobile versions of Facebook or Twitter and let app users engage with your social media channels. That will help you increase your social media audiences and to build a two-way communication with users of your app. You can also link your app to a twitter account timeline or a hashtag search result using RSS. An especially useful feature to promote twitter marketing activities and events even further.


Sharing content

Let users ‘share’ any content screen that has an external URL. Users can easily share your App content in a number of supported networks like email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbl and more. This functionality will also recognize other social media that the user is logged-in on their smartphone automatically, adding them on the list of ways to share your content. As we always say, sharing is caring.



Allow users to mark screens as a ‘favorite’. Make it easier for users to come back to a product, service or other content they are interested in. You can also build a separate screen that lists the users’ favorites by category such as tags, wishlist, bookmarks etc.



Each app screen you create can be geo-tagged. Plot a screen on a native map or many of them at the same time. Users can see a single or multiple points on the map, near me points of interest, etc. Show users how they can get to your locations or event venue easier and faster, nearby hotels, ATMs, restaurants, beaches, etc.


Banner Ads

Configure screens to show banner ads from different sources such as iAds, adMob, adWhirl and more. Turn your app into an additional source of advertising for your brand and products or turn it into an additional revenue stream by hosting ads from your clients.


Google Analytics

Integrate with your Google Analytics account to track downloads and usage of your app. This will help you understand which marketing activities promoting your app work best, which content is more important for your users and how to improve your app.



Lets users take pictures using their phone’s camera or select one or more pictures from their photo album. They can then fill a configurable form and submit the information to you. Use it to collect feedback from your users or data from “the field”.


Push Notifications

Integrate your App with UrbanAirship and send notifications to all App users. Notify users about important content you don’t want them to miss. Push notifications will have a pop-up message appear on users’ main phone screen, calling their attention.

Tap to… actions

Allows users to tap and make a phone call, send an email, SMS, add an item to their calendar and more. These special actions can be applied to either HTML content screens or list items.